Sunday, January 11, 2015

US Environmental Protection Agency - Insecticide a risk for workers and drinking water

About the US Environmental Protection Agency

The US Environmental Protection Agency was created with the purpose of protecting human health and the environment by creating and enforcing regulations based on laws passed by Congress. This agency was founded in 2 December 1970 since then it has been working for a cleaner, healthier environment for people. The acronym used for naming this agency is EPA.

Insecticide a risk for workers and drinking water

Monday 5th of January 2015, EPA released a new risk evaluation for public comment. Even if currently pesticide is no longer contaminating food and it is not an airborne thread for workers currently ones who mix, load and apply pesticide are still at risk.

Chlorpyrifos is a crystalline organophosphate insecticide, which was commonly used an insecticide on crops, golf courses, and in the home, has been known to have a negative impact on the growth and development of the brain and the children's central nervous system. This insecticide may also contaminate drinking water.

Fifteen years ago, EPA banned the household use of chlorpyrifos. It can now only be used as bait in child-proof packaging. Though formerly sprayed on tomatoes, apples, citrus fruits and tree nuts, EPA imposed no-spray rules, created buffer zones around public spaces and lowered pesticide application rates.

From the newly risk evaluation we can deduce that more restrictions should be applied to protect worker's health and drinking water sources as the pesticide undergoes its registration review.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

The ocean - Top 10 facts

Today I want to share with you top 10 facts about one of the natural sources of water, the ocean. In the next video top 10 facts are presented.

Friday, January 2, 2015

What is water?

Have you ever wondered what is water?
I ll try to to give a short answer to this question.

One might define water as being a transparent fluid which forms in the world's streams, oceans, lakes and rain. I would call it the most important thing which sustains life because we use water every single day, we drink water, we cook, we wash our hands and our body, we water plants and we give water to our pets.

I am sure you already have a source of water a few feet away from you as I do too.

Also remember that on average a human body is composed of approximately 65.3 % water.

I selected for you some really awesome videos to answer to the question "What is water?"

The next video is part of the e-learning "IAEA Water Ressources Program"

In this video random people are asked "What is water made of?"