Friday, January 2, 2015

What is water?

Have you ever wondered what is water?
I ll try to to give a short answer to this question.

One might define water as being a transparent fluid which forms in the world's streams, oceans, lakes and rain. I would call it the most important thing which sustains life because we use water every single day, we drink water, we cook, we wash our hands and our body, we water plants and we give water to our pets.

I am sure you already have a source of water a few feet away from you as I do too.

Also remember that on average a human body is composed of approximately 65.3 % water.

I selected for you some really awesome videos to answer to the question "What is water?"

The next video is part of the e-learning "IAEA Water Ressources Program"

In this video random people are asked "What is water made of?"

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